Local tool unrepentant after nabbing free lane and putting in pathetic effort at pole position

It was truly as bad as it gets at an intersection on Leach Highway today. Reports state a Hyundai Excel made a last-minute decision to nab the right lane after showing no intention to make the switch in the slow roll towards the lights.

At the eleventh hour, the shitbag decided he wanted pole position. Despite the fact he could clearly see an SS Commodore driver coming in hot. 

To add insult to injury, when the light went green the Hyundai driver showed no urgency whatsoever. Causing the enraged bogan behind him to lean out his window and call him a flog, among 75 other obsencities. Froth flying out of his mouth. We spoke to the Holden driver who told The Times,

“If you’re going to nab pole position at least give it some when it goes green bruz, wtf, he dawdled like the humpy dumpty kent he is. I gave him a spray and rode up his arse and shit ay”

Indeed he did but the Hyundai driver’s selfish actions weren’t unnoticed by surrounding vehicles. A witness told The Times,

“It was a dog act, a dirty little switch at the last minute. He was behind a car clearly faster than his too so really wasn’t necessary. You could tell the ute driver was peeved. I could hear him ranting all the way down Leach”

A leading road safety expert has advised drivers to not be dogs and to only steal someone’s free lane at the lights if they are prepared to get a move on. Adding,

“We don’t encourage speeding but we don’t encourage being a fkn donut either. Just do the right thing you know what that means”

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