Local wizard still casting spells after overindulging in “magic potion” at Balingup Medieval Carnivale

FungEye The Sorcerer, or Todd as he’s known claims he’s still casting level 9 spells after foolishly thinking he needed to recharge his mana after returning from the Balingup Medieval Festival last night. 

In the mighty wizard’s words, one does not simply face the foes of the all-ages family festival unprepared. Needless to say, his potion made predominantly of ginger tea and local subs, acid and DMT gave him the power to LARP off his tits on Saturday. 

Well, Saturday turned into Sunday and old mate was beginning to feel like a conjurer of cheap tricks as his buzz wore off and reality began to dice roll the shit out of his vibe. 

So he continued to draw on the mighty powers of his potion until he had to ride his powerful mount home (a Nissan Pulsar his mate had to drive because Todd was fkn wrekt).

We spoke to the friend who was getting a little sick of Todd calling him his “familiar”, adding,

“Yeah Todd gets into it alright. Doesn’t help he’s in another galaxy on this so-called magic potion. He tried to wrestle this short dude’s wedding ring off him claiming he had to send it into the pits of hell”

On the drive home, FungEye the Sorcerer accused his friend of being in cohorts with goblins and poisoned him. Of course, his stomach was merely reacting to the non stop mushroom-bombardment he was treating it to.  

His friend acknowledged it was a pretty long drive home and that Todd had also tried to pull the Goblin-double-agent card on him when he blamed a mid-festival shart on a malicious spell cast on him. 

Once home, Todd amused himself endlessly with the various lights around his home. Before trying to drop an incantation on his cat to rid him of its curse (the cat fkn hates him because he’s a massive nerd).

One can only hope FungEye the Sorcerer has run out of magic potion or things could get interesting at the office tomorrow. 

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