Freo fans arrested for trying to build roof on Perth Stadium after “concerning” forecast for Saturday’s final

A couple of Freo-supporting tradies are in custody overnight after a daring but desperate attempt to build a fully retractable roof on Perth Stadium to mitigate the potential for a slopfest on Saturday night.

As many Flagmantle supporters know, wet weather footy is the team’s Achilles’ heel and many are praying to the rain gods to piss off for an evening. These men simply took matters into their own hands.

Police will allege that although completely batshit it was a relatively “sophisticated” operation. A spokesperson for the cops told The Times

“Look, this isn’t just some nutbags with a couple of hammers and wood they nicked from a construction yard. They had a blueprint, albeit drawn on a beer coaster, and a rented trailer full of gear”

It is understood the men were driven to near madness as they tracked the ever-changing weather predictions for the match. A lawyer for one of the accused told The Times,

“Early in the week, there were reports of up to 15mm of rain and my client had no idea when that was going to fall. If it was around 6/7 pm then the Flagmantle journey may have come to a sad end in the first round”

A lawyer for the co-accused says his client’s best bet is getting a Magistrate on the day that bleeds purple, adding,

“It’s entirely possible, the Flagmantle train has picked up a lot of bandwagoners over the season and if the Magistrate is one of them then my client may walk away with a fine and hi-five”

While their lawyers do everything they can to help the men, it is understood they are not remorseful. A source close to one of the accused told The Times,

“Mate, as soon as he’s released he’ll be back up on that Stadium building that roof. Banning wet weather footy is basically his religion”

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