WA dad saves money on family holiday by camping in the right lane

Ellenbrook dad, Bruce, has revealed how he saved heaps of money on his family holiday over the weekend by going full WA and simply camping in the right lane of Forrest Highway.

It was a stroke of fiscal genius as the man saved money on camping equipment, camping site fees, and the emotional pain of having to endure the whinging from his softcock kids about insects and shit. 

Looking over his bank balance with pride, he told The Times,

“Easily saved myself 300 buckeroonies and I did it by doing what comes naturally to me as a Western Australian driver. We spent 3 whole days camping in the right lane and let me tell you, judging by the honking we had a lot of support”

To make things better, Bruce speculates that he saved at least $200 on fuel by never going above 80kph. A move that he learned from his caravan-going parents back in the day. 

We spoke to his wife who said the family holiday was a little cramped but overall fantastic given the thrift-induced dopamine flowing through her hubby’s veins. Adding,

“Holidays can be a little stressful in this economy. You always wonder what sacrifices you’ll have to make for the rest of the month but by being a classic WA mouthbreathing motorist we avoided that stress. Bruce was in such a good mood”

Naturally, WA Tourism was not stoked to hear about the cost-cutting measures. A spokesperson told The Times,

“Free camping on our watch? Forgetaboutit. We are already looking into dividing up the right lane of Forrest Highway and asking right-lane campers for $15 a night. We think that’s more than fair and will make us a lot of money judging by the tendency for WA drivers to sponge it up on the road”

Bruce says that camping in the right lane is the right of every WA driver and he’ll never pay for the privilege. Even if WA Tourism and WAPOL have different ideas. 

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