Man horribly lost on way to Chinese Restaurant’s toilet accepts fate as a kitchen hand now

Perth man Bryce stood up from his plate of succulent dumplings – it seemed the effects of the chilli oil had accelerated a process deep down in his guts. He told his friends he’d be back in a second.

Little did they know, they wouldn’t be laying eyes on their friend for some time. After several hours lost in a labyrinth of corridors, kitchens, and stairwells, Bryce stumbled upon the promised land. Sadly, he had already soiled himself something rotten. He told The Times,

“I finally reached the toilet by pure luck. It was a very quaint bathroom like you’d see in an old cottage home. It even had some reading material next to the throne. Kind of bog an uncle would absolutely destroy at Xmas. I cleaned myself up and then wondered if I could retrace my steps back”

After several days of trying to retrace his steps, Bryce managed to reach the kitchen when a senior chef by the wok asked him if he could hand him some fresh ginger. He obliged. He told The Times,

“I was in and out of the kitchen so often trying to find the restaurant again that I kind of got to know everyone. I even did some prep while I gathered my strength to keep going. I think I’m employed here now?”

We asked Bryce if he missed his old life or ever considered trying to make his way back to that fateful dining room again. He told The Times,

“Nah, you know, I hated being an accountant and now I’m a few months away from getting man the rice cooker. That’s a big honour in this kitchen. I used to wonder why you always had to walk through the kitchen to go to the toilet but now I get it, it’s an excellent staff recruitment method”

The owner of the restaurant says that Bryce has shown significant progress and has made himself at home in one of the backrooms containing CNY fireworks.

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