Supposed “Wanderluster” Has Meltdown Over First Unfamiliar Toilet Situation In Greece

Tragedy has struck a young “wanderluster” after being confronted with the toilet situation in Greece, in particular her first taste of a toilet paper bin after arriving in Santorini. 

Megan couldn’t find the right travel-related inspiration quote to convey her feelings of culture shock and repulsion at the system in place. What did they mean you can’t flush toilet paper?

A girl staying in the same backpacker’s hostel witnessed the meltdown and told The Times that Megan hadn’t made a strong first impression,

“When we first met her she was talking about how she was a digital nomad and was keen to get an authentic experience of any place she visited. She acted like she was better than the rest of us, to be honest”

The interview had to pause as Megan was heard in the distance screaming down the telephone for her father to send her enough money to buy a last-minute flight out of Greece immediately. The witness continued,

“We were exchanging some travel stories and then Megan excused herself to go to the bathroom. You knew the exact second she saw the toilet instructions sheet taped to the wall. She went troppo”

Another witness told The Times that Megan came barrelling out of the bathroom and demanded to know who was playing a practical joke on her. She had one of the seasonal staff in a corner just losing it. 

The staff member on duty calmly explained that much of Greece’s sewage system was unequipped to handle toilet paper being flushed. This only set Megan off more. A witness told The Times,

“For a supposed digital nomad that wanted to experience other cultures, she was adamant that she’ll get the entire country closed down on hygiene grounds. She was saying some crook stuff about Greeks too”

After eventually using the facilities as required, Megan didn’t talk to anyone for the remaining afternoon. Before emerging in the evening to tirade her fellow travellers about their diets.

She then made demands to only share a toilet with someone who “didn’t survive purely off 15 beers and sketchy late night gyros”.

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