Meddling neighbour drops an absurd letter in a fellow residents letterbox in Dawesville

Neighbours passing sweet nothings between each other is one of the true joys of cohabitation. This example from Dawesville is no exception.

It shines as a beacon of neighbourly dystopian hell given its sheer audacity. Not only have they really given the thesaurus a work out but they have tried to sign it off as “residents”.

The recipient took to Facebook to dispute the claims made in the letter. Not only did they say they have mowed the strip but that they had spoken to their neighbours and no one gave a shit.

In even truer neighbourly form, the recipient alluded to the fact the writer had delivered the letter under the cover of darkness. Clearly not proud of their powerful paragraphs and compelling prose!

Every year, thousands of Western Australians suffer from a chronic case of cant-mind-your-own-businessitis. It usually affects homeowners the worst, particularly in strata or estate complexes.

Symptoms include a tendency to try and control everyone around them and fire up that printer (and laminator if you’re really lucky) combo to decree their orders to the peasants living around them.

Does this make them sadkents? Yes, yes it does.

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