Nature Is Healing As Jetstar Starts Cancelling Flights To Bali Again

To some, having a flight cancelled and being issued a travel voucher is an egregious inconvenience but to some seasoned Jetstar travellers, it feels like a warm blanket. A sign that things are truly getting back to normal finally.

Punters have reported that Jetstar has been cancelling cheap flights to Bali left, right, and centre and Kim couldn’t be happier about it. She told The Bell Tower Times,

“It’s been such an unprecedented couple of years and I was wondering if I’d ever get to hold on the phone to Jetstar for 5 hours before them hanging up on me and making me call back 8 times. For the first time in a long time, I feel things are going to be OK!”

Brandon was equally stoked about having his hard-earned money converted to a voucher that made a wonderbra for a bull seem useful. He told us,

“I’ve waited so long to be totally and utterly Jetstar’d up the arris again and they came through with fine form. I snapped up one of those cheap deals and got the email a few days later saying I was now the owner of a travel voucher, how good”

Jetstar has responded to the cancellations in true Jetstar form. Issuing a statement saying,

“People think Jetstar is in the flight business. No. Jetstar is in the constantly circulating travel voucher business. See, we still get the cash and you get a voucher that doesn’t really suit your needs. Think about it, you’re flying Jetstar, do you deserve any better?” Didn’t realise we were transporting the King & Queen of air travel”

Chris couldn’t agree more. After taking time off work, he was stoked to find Jetstar wouldn’t be flying him to a cheeky little getaway in Bali. He told us, “yeah, harder Jetstar-daddy, harder, treat me like the economy flying scum I am”.

Of course, many punters won’t feel like things are truly back to normal until they are slugged an outrageous sum for attempting to carry on an extra kilogram of carry-on luggage. 

Similarly, well seasoned Jetstar travellers can only get the true thrill of cancellation when they are actually at the airport and are meant to board the flight within minutes. 

According to Robbo, “that’s the full Jetstar experience, and I’m fanging for it mate”.

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