Newly Single Twiggy Thinking of Acquiring Harley Davidson To Bounce Back After Split

The post-divorce Harley purchase has been a mainstay in the middle-aged bloke arsenal for years. However, when you’re a larger-than-life figure like Twiggy you have to think a little bigger.

Accordingly, the mining billionaire has apparently put his feelers out to see how keen Harley Davidson is to sell the company to him. A source close to Twiggy told The Times,

“Now that’s how a billionaire bounces back. He is looking at majority ownership of the company and reinventing himself personally and commercially. It’s a big dick move”

Currently, the motorcycle company that has helped so many divorced blokes is valued at $5B. A drop in the ocean for the mining magnate. However, some are concerned it doesn’t fit in with the rugged Aussie jackaroo image he is going for. A source told The Times,

“Sometimes you need to shake things up. Especially after a break up. Think of him as a perfect mix of jackeroo and biker bad arse. Oh yeah. That’s hot. That’s real hot”

In other news, we can confirm that Twiggy has signed up to Snapchat. Another classic download for the newly single man. He has also bought an e-Skateboard. Even more classic.

Whether he will go through with the acquisition or if it’s just a phase remains to be seen. However, there can be no question that the hog will look nice next to his R. M Longhorn ute parked up in Cottesloe.

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