Western Burbs NIMBYs Vow To Chain Themselves To Vacant Lots If Council-Circumventing Development Amendments Pass

NIMBY strongholds are outraged at McGowan’s proposed amendments to allow development projects worth more than $200M to skip the local council approval stage and be decided by the State. A plan that is designed to accelerate the provision of apartments across the City. 

In response to the proposal, citizens from suburbs such as Nedlands, Cottesloe & Subiaco have vowed to chain themselves to unused land to stop developments if it comes to it. We spoke to an outraged NIMBY who said she wouldn’t hesitate, 

“If anything we should be culling the population in elite suburbs. Why on earth should a good honest suburb like Nedlands have to deal with high rises? That’s a poor person thing and we won’t stand for it”

Taking inspiration from hippies, the NIMBY’s intend to chain themselves to a post in the middle of the vacant lot to stop developers from starting the construction of high rise or apartment complexes. 

A spokesperson for the WA Government told residents planning on such extreme measures that they only have themselves to blame. Adding,

“The wheels of progress turn a little slower in WA and that’s going to change. We aren’t too worried about rich NIMBYs chaining themselves to vacant lots because they’ll probably just end up paying their au pair to do it. We’re pretty confident we can match the $150 a week they pay that person to move”

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