WA Man To Tell Grandkids About How He Bravely Lived Near A Suburban Basketball Court 

Some say we are defined by our greatest struggles and for many NIMBY fun-hating nutsacks that struggle is having to endure the sound of kids shooting hoops at a nearby basketball court. Their Gallipoli, if you will. 

Accordingly, Perth man Dave cannot wait for his children to have children so he can sit them down and tell them about the 20 years he lived next to a basketball court. Telling them that the sound of a bouncing ball could often be “irksome”. He told The Times,

“I don’t think there’s a hotter issue in the community group than the basketball court at the moment. Some residents are really about to do their ‘nana over it while I just put my pants & shoes on every day and get on with life. I won’t let the fitness-seeking kids win”

Not everyone is as stoic in their plight. With an older resident devoting 99% of his free time to the issue. Even going as far as getting a ladder and Clingwrap the hoop so the sound of the metal chain swish could be no more. He told The Times,

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“I always complained about kids sitting on their iPads and X-Stations all day but it turns out it’s much worse when they are actually out in the world. Now I was raised properly. We’d be released during the morning and wouldn’t come back until the street lights came on and we didn’t make a peep!”

However, Dave feels he can divert some of the energy involved in ringing his Local Council every day into more practice solutions. Telling The Times,

“We just got some double glazing in and I got a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones in case someone is really dribbling up a storm. Mostly though I just don’t really give a shit. The sirens blaring from the highway nearby are far worse”

It’s amazing how one man can show so much bravery in the face of immeasurable hardship. How he does it, we may never know.

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