Man Celebrates First Night of Long W/E By Sealing The Deal On 3 Day Hangover He Won’t Recover From

An excited punter has made sure he took Friday off as annual leave which secured himself a 4 day long weekend. 4 lovely days of rest and relaxation off work. If only if was that simple for the young buck.

Finishing work today at 5pm, Todd admittedly got a little excited as he hit the pub with some work mates to let their hair down. Over the course of the next few hours, Todd lost himself in shot after shot of hard liquor mixed with cocktails, froffs and even a couple of glasses of wine he spotted abandoned on a table. His friend told The Times,

“Oh man, he’s sauced. He hasn’t eaten all day too. I reckon he needs to slow down or he’s going to be nursing that toilet bowl tomorrow and probably only feel human by Sunday arvo”

It seems the prediction is the bang on the money, as the ageing party boy got his hands on a couple of d-bangers. In his words he was now turbo charged. We spoke to Todd who told The Times,

“Fark yeahhh, 4 days off, I’m gonna do so much man. Weekend is my fkn oyster ay *pauses to swallow back down a little vom-burp* awwww shit anothery”

Todd’s housemate said he got a call from the workhorse 35 minutes ago and knew exactly where this was heading. Telling The Times,

“He’s going to come back off his fkn head at about 3am and pump tunes from his past. DnB I reckon and he’ll have bought a fresh pack of darts that he’ll absolutely hate himself for spending $50 on tomorrow. He won’t leave his bedroom until Sunday, just watch”

At the time of publishing this article Todd had got his hands on a long island iced tea. It’s safe to say, he’s done an absolute number on his long weekend.

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