Nation Set To Cop Big Load Of WA Boomtown Prices, RBA Warns As Inflation Rises 

The RBA has made a bleak prediction today, warning the nation that they are about to cop a massive, steaming load of the kind of prices experienced during the WA mining boom. 

A spokesperson for the RBA said they regretted that the current financial climate would almost certainly see the price of goods & services rise. However, no one could predict just how much. Adding,

“It’s a good time for everyone in Australia to reach out to a Western Australian friend and ask them for advice on dealing with $7 coffees and $60 steak dinners that resemble a gristly dog dick served with 5 chips”

We spoke to one of many survivors of the WA boom who said paying $12.50 for a Swanny D the other weekend brought back some tough memories. Adding,

“Yeah dunno if the nation is ready for the full extent of it. I remember there was a lot of excitement around the boom until we realised that non-miners weren’t earning any more coin. It was just heinous for us, never forget the $15 pint of Asahi in Hillarys”

On the advice of a boomtown survivor, a lad in Melbourne has started buying 2 coffees at a time in the morning to adjust to the inevitable slaughter. He told The Times,

“I want to get to a point where spending $8 on some coffee doesn’t make me want to go postal. Hopefully, it won’t get to 8 but even if it goes as high as 6.50, I’ll be somewhat adjusted”

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