Perth Couple Want To Believe A Storm Is Coming But Crippled By Recent Trust Issues

Luke and Rach have dared to dream. A dream that they can see out the ANZAC Day weekend with a classic Perth Storm. A dream somewhat dashed by recent trust issues over forecasted rain. 

The couple has been moping around the house, lazily ironing shirts and picking at leftover takeaway while exchanging hopeful glances out the window. 

Luke told The Times,

“I could see she was slumping deep into the post long weekend blues but I kept telling her, the storms a’coming babe! The Storms a’coming. I could tell her face wanted to smile but her heart wouldn’t let her”

See, Rach, like many Perth residents, still harbours a deep resentment over last month’s forecast-rain-gate. Where the BoM *promised* Perth punters rain for over a week.

Rain that never came. Rain that turned the timidest gardening enthusiast into a rampaging social media beast. Calling for the heads of BoM brass. 

Rach was in the middle of solemnly cutting up vegetables for the week’s lunches. She let out a massive sigh and told The Times,

“What’s the point? I am feeling emotionally drained and the only thing to get me through is to see some storm-related carnage on the streets of Perth. I didn’t strategically use my annual leave to have a 10-day holiday you see, so I just need something, something to make me feel alive. I just don’t believe BoM right now”

Luke is refusing to give up hope. Looking constantly at the BoM radar and channelling his inner weatherman to keep the fire in their Monday night flickering. 

“Look at that radar, it can’t be more than 30 -40 minutes away. I won’t lie, Rach and I kinda need this. We actually first met at an auction going for hail-damaged cars in 2010”

He paused to check outside through his window when he heard the familiar wail of an emergency services siren. No dice. He continued,

“We saw each other from time to time but really bonded a few years ago in the comment section of an article about the 8th once in a 1000 year storm”

Hold out hope Perth. It shouldn’t be long. 

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