Perth pub capitalises on Scorchers’ popularity by offering “box shots”

A Perth pub SOR has taken the opportunity to capitalise on the popularity of the Scorchers by offering “box shots” and “flamin’ box shots” for the remainder of this month.

Punters can either bring in their own cricket box or use one that the helpful staff and regulars have brought in from their own cricket kit.

We spoke to the owner of the pub who said he was looking to bring some of the magic of drinking warm human piss at Perth Stadium during a Big Bash game to his venue, adding,

“We have a collection of 100% authentic used boxes that we are happy to offer our customers. You’re welcome to bring in a brand spanker but we believe a more hygienic open is the flamin’ shot which should disinfect some of the ball sweat”

For an extra special experience, the owner has sourced David Boon’s box from after a particularly hot tour of the sub continents. A shot from this sacred box will set you back $25. Money well spent, in anyone’s opinion.

We spoke to a local cricket club that said they were excited to head in for a box shot later today. Adding,

“Sometimes I actually hydrate after an innings by using my box as a cup. It happens a lot more at suburban cricket clubs than you think. Nothing wrong with it. Secret to my success”

Locals at the pub have described how much joy they felt by so many people enjoying the real ins and outs of cricket.

A barfly who was the first to take a shot from a secondhand box said it was heartwarming to see all the kids come in with their families on the weekend and ask their parents when they can have their own box shot.

Luckily for them, the bar is kind enough to fill junior boxes with apple juice so everyone can join in on the fun.

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