Man who has come to look like a bulging blue vein isn’t fooling anyone

Friends & coworkers have witnessed the transformation of Jayson from an average guy to a walking blue vein over the last 6 months.

If you’re unlucky enough to get into a conversation with Jayson he’ll tell you that it all comes down to hard work, a strict diet, and fortunate genetics.

However, those who know the man better have an alternative theory and it has nothing to do with genetics. A coworker told The Times,

“Mate, he sweats steroids. He’s always going on about how he’s natty but that back acne tells a whole other story”

Another friend said he was sceptical that Jayson was living such a healthy lifestyle when he flew off the handle and punched a door at his house when he was invited over for a BBQ. Adding,

“I cook the BBQ and he loses his shit over the fact there is no “lean protein” for him to eat. Fkn idiot punched my wall and tried to staunch my elderly neighbour who called him a malaka over the fence”

Despite all the mounting evidence, Jayson refuses to admit that he’s using a little help from Dr Hypodermic.

In an exclusive interview he told The Times,

“Lotta guys at the gym are just jealous bro, they start all these rumours because they know they don’t have these gains. You want to touch them? I see you mirin”

Jayson was last seen smashing up a supplements store because his debit card declined. Presumably, because he’d spent the majority of his paycheck on juice.

Calm down Jayson.

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