Perth Truckie Defies Belief And Successfully Navigates Bayswater Bridge

Despite the odds, an experienced truck driver drove through the notorious underpass “with ease” this morning after properly planning his route with consideration for the height of his rig.

Onlookers bore witness to the remarkable feat at about 7:30am. Pedestrians had their phones at the ready anticipating a chance to record the big girl feeding.

Alas, no such incident occured and truckie sailed through and made his delivery in a timely manner. To say it was shocking was an understatement.

We caught a moment with the hero while he was enjoying a Masters Iced Coffee. He told us, “see what I’m drinking, Masters, mate, you have to know your limits the brown dragon, keep off the triple espresso Dares and you’ll be swoit”

We asked why he thought Dare was a leading cause in Baysie Bridge smashes , “possibly, not everyone who drinks Dare hits the bridge, but everyone who hits the bridge drinks Dare, makes ya think, ay”.

When asked whether the daring passing was “touch & go”, he replied, “not really” and that he “knew me rigs height and there are like 3 fucken signs, mate”.

When then asked if he thanked God or some form of higher power for the miracle he said, “nah just thankful I’m not a dumbcunt, “.

Not all are happy with the vehicular ballet on display this morning. With several other truck drivers from the same contractor agency livid at him making them look bad.

An anonymous truckie said,

“I thought we were all in this together. Then we get this topgun slotting it through the gap like his trucky was a precisious shot into the heart of the Deathstar. I’m going to chuck a big grogan in his locker”

Remarkable scenes down here in Baysie. (Image showing the complete lack of utter carnage)

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