POSTCODES: Subiaco 6008

Enjoy a day out in Subiaco – the inner city suburb with all the fun and atmosphere of a regional WA farming town!

Getting Around

A true Subiaco resident will have a car that matches their choice of residence- something that screams, “I’m in denial about the true value of things”. To that end, one simply can’t beat an Alfa Romeo. Failing that, a BMW X5 will see you fit in nicely with the lower-level drug dealer crowd.

Top Experiences in Subiaco

Object to a development – One simply cannot come to Subiaco and not throw their hat into the NIMBY ring. Inexplicably, people are still trying to make Subiaco happen, so there is plenty of opportunities to sign a petition or join the daily boomer-line outside the local council’s offices.

Subiaco Market revamp is a very on brand objection at the moment, how dare they block their view of nothing!

Spot the empty tenancies – What’s the difference between Subiaco and Rugs-a-Million? Subi actually has the cojones to make good on their promise to close down.

Accordingly, spend a lovely afternoon wandering the deserted streets and when you spot a vacant tenancy do a bump of Subi cocaine – similar to normal cocaine but about as pure as Cardinal Pell’s priesthood vows.

Visit the site of the Subiaco Pint Battle – In 2019, an attempt to apply the defibrillator on Subi’s hospo scenes flat-lining chest, the $3.50 pint war was waged.

Being able to get pissed and fed for under a pineapple was brazen and sadly short lived for one of the parties involved. Pay your respects for the fallen livers.

Checkout the sinkhole – who said there was nothing to do in Subiaco? You can now gawk at a fairly small sinkhole if you manage to get past the fencing in front of the renovations that never end.

Local Delicacies

Nothing beats a nice slice of humble pie when your efforts to stop any developments in Subi ultimately lead to the death of the suburb. Enjoy with a dollop bitterness over the decision to take the footy away from Subi Oval.


“I have contacted my local MP and have started action to have this POSTCODES piece removed from the google website and greater internet. As a resident for over 50 years, I can safely say we do NOT need anyone coming to our suburb!!! Like and share if you agree!!!” – Concerned Citizen

Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?