Reformed Patrol Driver Seeks A Wholesome Life In a Jimny

Ex-Patrol owner Daryl’s life changed forever when he made a decision that would save his mortal soul. He exorcised his demons and let the word of the Jimny into his heart. However, it wasn’t always like this.

Daryl still has flashbacks of the man he used to be. A seldom-showering brute that measured his life out in diesel soot. His relentless search for moot had him rollin’ coal every night and he lost himself somewhere in the mayhem.

He still remembers dropping his mother off at the airport and her looking at him like she didn’t recognise her boy. Did she raise this animal? Where had she gone wrong? He told The Times,

“I was more monster than man, mate. We were already running late and I had to follow this prick for about 14 km in the opposite direction because I felt disrespected by a merge. It was the Patrol mate, it wasn’t me. It had taken over”

After his 2nd conviction for a road rage-related attack on another man’s car, Daryl knew that he had to make some changes. So he put up his flogged-out old Patrol on Marketplace for a methtifying price tag. He continued,

“I’d get people messaging me to ask wtf I was on and whether I had any idea what the piece of shit I was selling was worth. Then I got a message that would change me life mate. Someone offered a straight swap, Patrol for a Jimny”

At first, Daryl just peppered the man with homophobic slurs. How could such a barbarian be seen in a Jimny. That’s until the seller told him to cool his jets and reminded him that it was the Patrol talking.

Full of unknowns but knowing this was his last chance of becoming a functioning member of society, Daryl agreed. That’s when everything changed. He told The Times,

“First thing I noticed is people stopped actively avoiding me. In all settings. I even had people actually approach me in car parks to check out the Jimny. No one came within 50m of my Patrol voluntarily”

Instead of trying to ram people off the road he was now chucking up shakas as he drove around. Responding to people waving and beeping at his rig. He had finally felt what kindness felt like and he was able to reciprocate it.

Was he still a raging dickhead deep down? Perhaps but he was at least calmer. He even dialled back his sending to a level he could manage.

We can even report Daryl has managed to actually get some moot without the need for diesel soot. A feat he never thought was possible. Well done Daryl. Now please don’t go and try and get $60k for your Jimny on the resell market.

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