REPORT: Indicating Bus Driver Sure As Fark Ain’t Asking

By all reports, you have about 2 god damn seconds to get the fark out of his goddamn way, as many motorists discovered while driving through Perf today. 

See, while some may view the indicator as a nuanced dance between informing and asking, the city bus service takes a hardline view. 

We spoke to a Hyundai i30 driver who found himself in the awkward position of having to brake heavily or stay the course this afternoon. He told The Times,

“It was touch and go. This bus wasn’t taking any shit. I suppose I could’ve braked the instant he flicked on his indicator but I thought he’d have a bit of chill”

Well with a schedule to meet and entire days spent dealing with farkwit Perth drivers, no, the drivers generally don’t have much chill. 

We spoke to a bus driver who wished to remain anonymous. He told The Times,

“Trust me, Perth drivers want us to take charge. They want to call us daddy. If you timidly wait to be let in it’ll never happen. So when you see my flick on that indicator you know I’m coming boy”

Drivers are advised to show some consideration to busses and do the righty and slow down to let them merge into traffic. 

However, not all are happy with this call to arms. With the president of the Hilux association saying “over his dead body”

Well champ, as big as you think your dual cab is, TransPerth is always thiccer. 


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