Rotto Quokkas Send HBF a Cease & Desist Letter

The Union of WA Quokkas has sent a letter to insurer HBF to stop dragging their reputation through the mud with their awful quokka-themed advertising.

WA quokka’s have a glorious international reputation as being royalty on their island and feel the depiction of them in the ads cheapens their brand.

We spoke to the Union’s spokesquokka who told The Times

“Are they on a mission to make everyone hate quokkas? Their corny, cheesy advertising is not befitting of the stature the quokka holds in WA society. We are asking them to knock it off, do you think they’d have the cojones to do that to the militant emus? Nope, they’d have a regiment on their doorstep by sunfall. That’s why Emu beer treats their mascot with so much respect”

We understand that the Union of WA Quokkas is asking for HBF to both discontinue using them in their ads and also a formal apology.

Compensation will also be sought if the apology doesn’t appear to be sincere enough. To be clear, the apology isn’t just to the quokkas but to the Western Australia public. The spokesquokka added,

“We know we aren’t the only ones suffering through the years of quokka-ads. In many ways, the WA public are the victims too and we strongly encourage HBF to address that in the apology”

HBF strongly denies the assertions they are ruining the reputation of quokkas and says that a couple of middle-aged women who love minions say the ads are awesome.

No doubt they would.

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