Cameroon a little surprised at AFL’s announcement welcoming them to the AFL

The African nation of Cameroon has enjoyed a pleasant surprise today after the AFL announced they have joined the AFL.

Cameroon will be expected to build an AFL-worthy stadium as part of the deal. However, we understand that some training will have to be undertaken in Tasmania.

We spoke to a senior Cameroonian political figure who told The Times,

“Our country’s athletes are already very good at football but we don’t have much experience at Australian Rules. I’m sure it will be an easy crossover and none of us will be made to look like Israel Folau for the Suns”

The AFL conceded that introducing a central African country to the domestic league was a bit left field but ultimately they hoped it would help grow the game. Addin,g

“Look, Tassie wanted a team but all we’re going to grow there is an extra head, if you catch our drift. We think the proud men & women of Cameroon will rise to the challenge and expand our game beyond our shores”

We understand the Riewoldt brothers are very distraught at the change of plans and Nick has shat himself in anger.

Welcome to the AFL Cameroon.

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