Seasoned Glastonbury Festival Brit Doesn’t Get What All The Splendour Weather Fuss Is About

British backpackers are having trouble understanding why Australians are being so precious over the rained out Splendour In The Grass festival. 

A British national who has attended Glastonbury Festival over 7 times said the mud pit slushery reminded him of a bloody good time. Adding,

“Absolutely prime weather conditions for a festival innit laddo? If my tent isn’t slowly filling with disgusting water than I don’t even feel like I’m partying. Got any nangs?”

Another Brit said she was sick of copping the non-stop abuse from Australians over the UK heatwave, adding,

“For such big heroes about weather they sure aren’t handling a bit of a campground chaos well! This isn’t even half as disgusting as it gets back home for festivals. Maybe they should have that big glass of concrete they always tell us to drink!”

The festival is not looking good for Aussie punters with acts being cancelled and camp sites being evacuated. 

However, while Australians seek firm land and refunds, the Brits in attendance are treating it like a big tub of Yogo Dirt Dessert and they are hungry for more.

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