Selectors tell Bancroft if he wants to take getting selected seriously he should misplace his baggy green and blame a sponsor for it 

“Stop treating cricket like it’s some joke”, Cricket Australia selectors have told Bancroft as the Western Australian struggles to get the nod to rejoin the test side. 

CA is reportedly livid that Bancroft has spent his time in exile “scoring runs” rather than creating a media circus over his baggy green and implying it was the negligence of a major sponsor. 

A source from within CA told The Times,

“Where is this boy’s head at? He thinks being in white hot form is going to get him the nod. After Warner personally tried to appoint his successor? Not on our watch”

Another source from within the industry said that CA expects people who are thrown under the bus to stay there, like a good little boy. 

Accordingly, the body is livid that the young man has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and redeemed himself by honing his craft to an exciting level. 

To check if Bancroft had heeded the advice, CA reportedly visited the batsman his home under the guise of having a “chat”. 

20 minutes into the chat they asked the opening batsman where his baggy green was and were absolutely sickened when he was able to produce there and then. 

“He has a long way to go”, one of the selectors mused as they queried whether Bancroft was getting paid enough to run a vicious 2 week PR campaign about how much of a good bloke he was before the next test. 

Cameron, when are you going to learn!

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