Shocking Scenes: Tourist Spotted at Kalbarri Skywalk Without a Drone

Absolute chaos unfolded at the Kalbarri Skywalk this afternoon as a tourist visiting the attraction had the audacity not to fly a drone to photograph the natural marvel. 

To make matters even more confusing for fellow amateur aerial photographers, tourist Kim, didn’t even have a Nikon with expensive lens attachment nor did she reach for her iPhone once. 

This brazen act of “living in the moment” created uncomfortable ripples through the snap happy crowd. Some who didn’t even bother going out onto the skywalk before getting their drones airborne. 

Bassendean man, Dave, had been on a 3 month tour of the State’s north and thought maybe he was “delirious” when he saw Kim making no effort to record her experience from height. 

He told The Bell Tower Times,

“It’s very distracting, we’re all trying to focus on our drone consoles and you get this free spirit simply wanting to take in the experience or whatever. You could tell she didn’t even think once about what generic atmospheric dance music would accompany views of this gorge either”

Indeed, Amanda told us,

“Honestly, without a drone or even a camera, I thought she was there to jump off! Why else would you come all the way out here? It’s the middle of nowhere and she doesn’t have a single megabyte to show for it, what a weirdo”

After an investigation we can also report that Kim caused similar scenes at the Wellington Dam Mural a week or so earlier. Again, baffling onlookers by her lack of ambition to capture the landmark from a birds eye view. 

We managed to talk to Kim before she journeyed further beyond the Mid West and into the Pilbara. She told us

“Look, if I ever needed to see drone footage of the Murchison Gorge I could do a quick Youtube. I wasn’t more interested in taking in the amazing views and taking a bit of a break from life, ya know?”

We were almost on her page until we got a hot tip that she also visited Nature’s Window just east of the skywalk and failed to take a photo of herself gazing whimsically through the “window”.

A 31 year old with an Instagram account didn’t take a photo of Nature’s Window. Naturally we assumed she must be some type of witch. Unheard of scenes. 

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