SOR Tough Guy Denied Entry To Pub Biff For Failing To Wear Red Jordans

“He simply didn’t meet the dress code”, was the official line from the participants of the smash on Tuesday afternoon. Adding, “we have standards for a reason, what’s he thinking forgetting a pair of red & black J’s?”

Some participants of the scrap were willing to look past the fact he left his LV manbag on his Harley but the shoes were just a step too far. 

Local meat head and purveyor of baggie’d up goods told The Times,

“You’ve got a sunny day SOR and this clown doesn’t have the decency to rock up with the footwear of the guy who tries to catch you looking at him at the pub? Forget it, he can go himself at home”

Deezyn reportedly felt pretty hard done by and told The Times,

“See these, they are the real Versaces. See this? Official merch of the Chicago Bulls, and check this chain out, 200grams gold plated and these dogs say I’ve not dressed appropriately for the smash?”

Deezyn made his case passionately at the event. Adding he’d bought 2 new chunky silver rings for his fingers and had his hair Dustin Martified earlier that day, “I’m ready”.

It can’t be questioned that Deezyn ticked a lot of boxes but failing to meet the prevailing trend of SOR tough guys and wearing a pair of white Air Max was evidently a firm condition. 

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A leading SOR tough guy expert told The Times,

“Red runners are a big deal at the moment. It’s the official footwear of the guy who likes to tell people he knows 1%’ers while strutting around in the beer garden of a SOR pub”

We asked if they were shocked the man was denied entry. He said,

“Not really, you have to understand, posers don’t want other posers around. It draws attention to their own posing. So someone not respecting the red shoe poser agreement is not something to be taken lightly”

Ironically, the smash Deezyn was denied entry to just amounted to a bunch of posturing and tough talk. Whereas, he took out his frustrations trying to staunch security at another pub and actually got fed the oos oos.

Deezyn may not be able to chew for a few months but at least he can say he was the real hero of the evening. Oh, and his shoes have a fair bit of red on them now too.

We think you can determine who the real winner tonight was. 

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