South Perth Blow-In Really Thought the Ferry Was Going To Be His Salvation

A man who moved to South Perth 2 years ago has been left with a bad taste in his mouth after claiming he was sold a “ferry dream” that never really eventuated.

In Alex’s mind, he’d be happily bounding across the mighty Swan River on a watercraft, leaving every other sucker to battle the Freeway or Causeway to get into the City.

Alas, he soon learned that the ferry really wasn’t a convenient option for anyone not living a short walk from it. He told The Times,

“My house is closer to Canning Highway and honestly, the farking about to get the ferry really killed the dream for me. You can cycle there during off-peak times but for work, it’s essentially useless”

Indeed, his options are either to get a lift to the ferry, pay for all-day parking in the few spots that allow you, or be forced to catch additional public transport to get there. All these options were deemed “unacceptable”.

In his 2 years, Alex has caught the ferry like twice and he admits he “forced it” both times. Addin,g

“Yeah, I was once going for a long walk and got to the ferry port and thought stuff it, I’ll be a good South Perth resident and just catch this piece of shit. It was pretty good but yeah I thought it was going to be a much bigger part of my life”

It seems that Alex hasn’t just let down himself but also his friends. After offering them a night of a lifetime after moving in. His mate told The Times,

“He was so excited but clearly hadn’t sat down to look at the logistics, he said we’d get on it at his and then ferry over to the city. He kept calling it a boat party. We ended up Ubering to the city for obvious reasons”

Oh, Alex, another one stitched up by the ferry dream.

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