WA Man Develops Trust Issues After Being Tricked By A Green Milk Carton Over East

These sickos drink what?”, the man was heard yelling as he erroneously believed the green carton he spotted in the deli would contain spearmint milk. A fair assumption having grown up in the land of spearmint milk. 

Alas, the slightly homesick and hungover man was treated to a mouthful of eastern state filth and was left gagging, heaving, and crying as he tried to make sense of what had happened. He told The Times,

“I’ve been in Shitney for a bit of a holiday and was craving a taste of WA. don’t even get me started on the dogshit beer they drink over here. So when I saw a green milk carton my WA senses just went bonkers. In retrospect, I should’ve double checked but I just got too excited”

His experience is not alone. With thousands of Western Australian tourists falling victim to the “lime milk” trap every single year. A Western Australian cultural attaché told The Times,

“Ultimately, it’s up to every Western Australian to protect themselves while visiting over east. However, we do want an awareness campaign that these sick freaks do indeed drink lime milk, not good, honest, holy spearmint milk which frankly should be on every menu in the country”

We understand the man is still in a state of shock. Telling anyone who will listen how rancid the idea of lime milk is. Even getting into a bit of an altercation when someone dared question whether spearmint and milk went together. 

We can further report that in a state of desperation, the man was seen adding Allens Spearmint Leaves to a glass of milk. For the love of God get this man home. 

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