White Ox goes into liquidation after news darts will be banned in WA prisons

In a massive blow for the Dutch baccy company, all tobacco products will be banned in WA prisons from October 2022 onwards. 

Deciding it was the right time to put the queue back in the rack,a spokesperson for White Ox told The Times,

“We’re not going to lie, incarcerated individuals are our target market. No one else can really stand the taste of White Ox but prisoners can’t get enough”

WA is the last jurisdiction that allowed smoking in its prisons and has been single-handedly keeping White Ox afloat. The spokesperson continued, 

“Baccy has come under a lot of pressure lately. With the rise in vapes and the ever decreasing areas where smoking is permitted. Prisons were doing a lot of the heavy lifting for us”

Asked what its plan was, the company stated that it intended to get a loan and get into the vape game like all the other big tobacco companies. 

Word on the street is there are already plans for a White Ox-vape but it’s thought to be as in demand as a dickcheese flavoured lollipop. 

The baccy ban is expected to cause some crankiness through the prisons, especially given an addiction to the Ox is 400% stronger than any other addiction. 

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