Subi to investigate how sinkhole remained on street for so long without getting a parking ticket

Subiaco is in a state of shock following the revelation that a sinkhole was permitted to remain on the road for so long without getting a parking ticket. 

The sinkhole appeared last night but was within its rights to set up shop on the street. Given the free parking after 5 pm. However, the hole remains there today in clear contravention of the 1P parking requirements. 

Aggressive parking infringement issuing is the cornerstone of the Subiaco lifestyle. Its residents demand blow-ins have as hard a time as possible visiting the Subi as to demotivate them from attempting such visits in the future. 

We spoke to a resident who said they were “heartbroken” to see the sinkhole there this morning without a ticket slapped on it. Adding,

“It doesn’t make sense. You have one of the most dedicated parking infringement units in the developed world on the case and they give this stupid sinkhole a pass? Why? Maybe if we cracked down on sinkholes thinking they own our streets they wouldn’t come to Subi in the first place!”

However, Subi is standing by its decision not to infringe the sinkhole, adding, 

“The sinkhole is more than just a Watercorp disaster, it’s kind of like a mascot for our suburb. What sums up Subi better than a sinkhole? Entertainment, liveliness, soul, you name it it’s slowly sinking into oblivion in Subi”

We spoke to another resident who was in the process of taking his whole family down to visit the sinkhole for the day. He told The Times,

“ It’s probably the most entertaining thing to happen since we lost the footy so why discourage it?”

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