Burnout artist’s latest piece at Kalamunda Zig Zag fetches millions at art auction

Perf Banksy’s latest single pegger at the Kalamunda Zig Zag scenic drive has caught the eye of international art collectors at an auction in New York.

Considered a “seminal piece of this generation” the skid mark left by Banksy’s piece of shit holden explores feelings of artistic frustration and rebellion against societal pressure to stop being a hooning shitstain.

We spoke to a representative of the winning bidder who ended up splashing $3.5M on the artwork and an extra several 100 thousand to get the slab of bitumen sent over to his mother’s residence in Switzerland. They told The Times,

“My client sees the fury in the artist’s work. You can tell by the subtle edging that the artist can barely live with themselves for having a car with LSD. It’s a coming-of-age story of a young rebel wanting a proper burnout vehicle but settling for what he can. It’s powerful”

We can also reveal that several empty nang canisters and a discarded baggie with traces of weed also formed part of the sale – to give a full picture of hills life. 

Culture vultures from all over Europe have flocked to Zurich to catch a glimpse of the artwork. With many saying it could be the most important work of contemporary art of this century.

Meanwhile, the City of Kalamunda is in two minds about the sale. On the one hand, they are worried it could encourage copycat artists to try and get their payday. On the other, they are pretty stoked private investors are paying to have the eyesores removed & replaced. A source from within the Council told The Times,

“Please don’t make us shut Zig Zags again. We don’t want riff raff from down the hill thinking their reckless driving is some artistic pursuit. Although we feel we may have already lost the battle on that front”

Perf’s Banksy released the following official statement by way of writing on a discarded billie at Zig Zag, “such is loife”.


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