Toyota Unveil New “Huntsman” Safety Mode For When The Inevitable Strikes

Toyota has finally shown appreciation for its loyal Australian customer base by developing a new safety feature to prevent a crash in the case of a huntsman popping in to say ‘ello while you’re driving. 

Special spidey-sensing detectors can spot the 8-legged wall puppy from within vents and direct air to deter it from emerging. Furthermore, if the hairy little sucker does make it into the open the car will automatically enter self-driving mode while you puss out like the coward you are. 

A spokesperson for Toyota said that the Australian market always had unique needs and this was their way of acknowledging that. Adding, 

“It’s probably in the top 5 fears of most Australian drivers. We get it. Look at that thing. That’s enough to cause more than a minor distraction and we all know WA drivers don’t need any additional reasons to drive like a fkn idiot”

Drivers will be able to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the sensors depending on how much of a huge puss they are. The spokesperson continued, 

“Yeah you can set it so it’ll detect a little cute jumping spider if you are really an arachnophobe but we think most people will be setting it for the big huntsy but that’s up to the customer”

Ford considered copying the technology but accepted that a Ranger driver would be far too proud to admit they would be easily spooked by a giant spider. Such an attack on their perceived manhood would drive down sales. 

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