WA Builder’s Xmas party cancelled because no one could get a slab organised

A WA builder has been forced to cancel its annual Xmas party because the firm lacked the resources to get a slab organised in time.

Speaking to The Times, the builder blamed the skills shortage for the shortcoming. Adding,

“End of the day, we just had no one around to run to the bottlo and pick up the slab. It’s a serious skills shortage out there mate, we haven’t been able to organise a slab all year”

Another director at the building firm told The Times that there was a chance they could’ve got the job done earlier but they weren’t able to bill a client 3x the value of a carton due to an onerous costs clause. Adding,

“You’d be amazed at how many slabs we can organise when some sucker has to pay us 3 times the original value. Unfortunately, this was a staff party so we didn’t have a sucker to pass those costs on to”

Many of the builder’s clients have rejoiced at the news and asked the builder how they liked being without a slab.

We spoke to Mary and Thomas who had been waiting on construction to begin at their property for the better part of the year. Mary told The Times,

“I told my husband that our builder had joined the no-slab club and he laughed. Then we realised our dream home is never going to get built and we cried again. In fact, the brief second of schadenfreude backfired spectacularly”

The blame game will be waged at the building firm all week.

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