WA holiday spots overwhelmed by rowdy Balinese tourists

As the Aussie dollar drops, Western Australian holiday hot spots are being inundated with rowdy Balinese tourists who have decided to give Australia a taste of its own medicine – and after years of learning from the best, these tourists know how to run amok.

We spoke to a bar owner in WA’s Kimberley region. She told The Times that she couldn’t walk down the street without hearing chants of “Bali!, Bali!, Bali!, Oi!, Oi!, Oi!”. Adding,

“They just want to drink Red Cans in the pool all day. I’m not the piss monitor but how can you drink 15 cans and not get out for a leak at least once? I think they are pissing in the pool!”

To make matters worse, the ever increasing cost of Emu Export is leading to angry confrontations in the bottlos. We spoke to a licensee who said he is regularly abused by Balinese lads with braided hair, adding,

“They come in with the spending power of the Indonesian rupiah and demand the morning price on the box. I tell them it’s the afternoon and I can’t do morning price and they tell me that my shithole town is lucky to have their tourist money and I should be appreciative”

Local scooter hire companies are also feeling the pinch. Reporting that Emu’d up Balinese tourists are treating their rentals and our streets like a heinous game of Mario Kart. Adding,

“They wouldn’t drive around drunk at home so why come and do it in another country? Who do they think they are? Australians? Do they not realise how dangerous our roads are? I swear, it really makes you wonder, ay?”

One tourism leader has asked the Western Australian Government to put up posters at our international airport to plead with Balinese tourists to show respect while they are here. A spokesperson for the Government told The Times,

“It’s very distressing that our tourism operators have to put up with tourists acting like Australians. We do our best to export that particular brand of loutishness overseas but now it appears we are reaping what we have sown”

To make matters worse, mature Balinese women are flocking to spots like Margaret River to take advantage of the local Aussie surfer boys. We spoke to Margs local who said he was subsidising his lifestyle of cones & waves by giving foot massages down at Meelup. Adding,

“They just want someone to listen to them. Some of the locals down here think I’m being taken advantage of but that’s just the reality of struggling in a poor area like Margaret River, my body is my only recourse”

We can only hope WA steps in and addresses this growing issue, as the Aussie dollar is only going to keep plummeting.

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