Golden Triangle Girls Suffering from Birkenstock Withdrawal Make Most of Current Weather

Winter is known to cause the blues. For some people, it’s seasonal affective disorder. For other’s it’s an intense leg localised claustrophobia from the frabic prison of long pants. However, for Golden Triangle girls, it’s going a coupla months without getting to feel their Birkey’s against their bare feet.

Needless to say, the last couple of days of sun has proven irresistable for Golden Triangle girls. Who were finally able to be seen again at the Quarter, Napolean St and the Cott grassed area without looking like some kind of closed-shoe peasant.

This patch of nice weather couldn’t have come soon enough. Hayley, from Claremont hadn’t been dealing with Birky withdrawal well. Even commiting several fashion faux-pas by rocking her favoured footwear with socks.

Fellow students at Notre Dame University noticed changes in her personality. Natasha, a Law/Arts student, gave his harrowing account,

“Oh my god, she has got really pale and her feet fidgit a lot, like shes itchy. She is prone to outbursts too, saying her expensive designer boots are annoying her. She really needed her Birky fix”

Hayley’s father, a doctor, witnessed her don her Birkies on Monday and recounted the event like this,

“I’ve spent some time in ER and honestly, it was like an addict getting their fix. Tightening those straps allowed her to inject a big dose of elite footwear into her system and a sense of euphoria came over here. She even muttered, my feet are finally elite again. Scary stuff”

By the time we spoke to Hayley she was on her 15th consecutive hour of her Birky high. She hadn’t taken them off, even taking several naps on the couch with the sandals still on.

She was clearly riding a birky-wave all the way to the shores of dopamine town. However there was a strong easterly of anxiety blowing in the back of her mind that was getting ready to destroy her fancy sandal-surf.

She told us,

“The weather is totally going to shit tommorrow and it’s back to normal shoes. How will people at Uni know I’m a Golden Triangle girl without my birkies. I feel so exposed”

We assured her not to worry and to just open her mouth. They’d know.

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