Woolworths CEO’s trainwreck interview – storms out after light grilling

Well done Woolies for making everyone on the socio-political spectrum hate them equally, not an easy thing to do in this super polarised society we live in.

So when fronting up to Four Corners one should probably be prepared to answer hard questions to win back some respect from the public. Rather than just answer questions approved by your PR team. Also perhaps reconsider dressing up as a checkout worker when you have a gold signet ring on???

While every other news agency obviously gives these guys a free ride (can’t lose that Woolies advertising money, man!) Four Corners prodded a bit deeper.

Watch the Woolies CEO storm out of the interview after being denied a request to scrub a remark from the record:

After storming off, his PR minder told the host he’d go and talk to him and the CEO eventually returned to finish the interview.

It’s an absolute masterclass in how not to deal with bad publicity. His petulant attitude has made things exponentially worse for Woolies who have been accused of price gouging both farmers and Aussie customers.

In the full interview they also go into how the “specials” are printed in pure bullshit. With the tactic being, they make the supplier pump up their RRP so that they can then “slash the price” and get a shiny discount ticket.

In short, Woolies has invited everyone to put their keys in the bowl and they aren’t supplying any lube at the gouge-fest.


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