Stone Cold rules himself out as a Perth WWE wildcard after seeing the price of beer here

Stone Cold Steve Austin reportedly was approached by the WWE as a potential wildcard for the highly anticipated Perth WWE Elimination Chamber this weekend.

The much-loved wrestler was seriously considering the offer initially. A week of beautiful weather and a chance to perform at Australia’s best stadium.

That’s until a member of his team informed him about the cost of piss in Australia. That’s when he ruled himself out. An insider told The Times,

“The price of beer at Perth Stadium really put him off. Then he heard it was only midstrength. He almost gave the bloke who suggested he go a stunner”

It wasn’t much better when Steve asked about bottlo prices,

“$55 for a block of Emu? Stone Cold has done well in life but he’s not about to bankrupt himself buying his favourite amber liquid. He kept saying that Australia is out of control and if he’s paying that much for a froff it had better be able to blow him too”

Promoters tried to entice Steve with promises of as much Tun as he could drink. However, after sending a sampler over he was even more adamant he wouldn’t be setting foot on Aussie soil. The insider added,

“You think American beer tastes like piss? Tun tastes like piss after a week on the asparagus. Not to mention Steve finding out that a pint is $15. He wasn’t angry he was just disappointed”

Ultimately, the promoters accepted that the highly lucrative tour probably couldn’t afford Steve’s beer tab if they agreed to pick it up. With some feeling that his ring-beers when he’s celebrating would cause financial distress alone”

Unfortunately, that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

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