Man Who Forgot To Buy Booze For Today Has An Offer You Can’t Refuse

In classic form, WA man Luke has once again failed to adequately plan for one of the few days of the year that bottlos are closed. To say his Xmas day started rough is an understatement. 

After a desperate Googling and a Facebooking, Luke soon came to the realisation that he was almost definitely going to be mooching piss at Xmas lunch again. A kind of Xmas tradition for the useless kent. 

However, while enjoying a brekkie beer from his uncle’s esky, Luke was hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration. He took to Facebook once again with an offer that no one could refuse. A witness to a beer economy page told The Times,

“Can’t believe what I was seeing. Some clown was trying to trade 3 packets of jocks, Lynx and a Lion’s fruitcake for piss. Kept saying it was in the spirit of Xmas and it’s what Jesus would have wanted”

His posts attracted mostly ridicule as people questioned how he could’ve made this mistake in the first place. Then the attacks became more targeted on what he was offering. One commenter said,

“(sic) yas fkn jokin ay cunny? Regiftin all the shit u got and hopen for piss hahahahahhahahahahahaha stick tose boys grunddies up ya arse mate!!!”

However, one keen bean wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip. As he had a different problem – forgetting to buy gifts for his nephews. The opportunist told The Times,

“I’d bought plenty of piss and was intending to sell it at a great profit. In my greed I forgot i had like 4 other cousins to get something for. I reckon I can split that Lynx and undies pack up between em. I offered the idiot a 6 pack. He took it”

Truly a Xmas miracle. 

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