Freo Fan Decides It’s Time To Add “2022” To Flagmantle Face Tattoo

Damo was called bold for getting “Flagmantle” inked across his forehead after the 3rd round. However, as confident as he was on a flag he still wasn’t 100% sure it would be this year. After this afternoon, he has no doubts.

5 minutes into the second half, Damo asked his son’s tattoo artist girlfriend to finish the job and get 2022 proudly displayed on his Freo mug. He told The Times,

“What more proof do you need? Making an undefeated Demons their absolute biatch. At the G! I’d stand up and hug ya but I’m still completely chubbed up down there, 110% rock hard, mate”

Flag-drunk, Damo even negotiated with his son’s girlfriend from what he calls an understated full back tattoo of Grundy. She told The Times,

“He was charging. On the final siren he called his Eagles supporter brother in law and challenged him to come over and take a run at him. Kept saying he had his full waarrrrpaint on now”

While other Freo fans prepare for a big night celebrating, Damo was busy tying up loose ends. After goading his brother in law, he rung up his boss and told him to shove the job up his arse.

Damo denies this was a brash decision telling The Times,

“I put my life savings on the Dockers to win the flag after round 1. They shold just cash out that bet now I reckon. I’ll have plenty to retire on why do I need a job? What you doubting the Flagmantle story are ya?????”

Next on Damo’s to-do list was to send a photo of his hairy arris to Christian Patrecca on Instagram with a 250 word review of how shit his game was today. Explaining the move as “sweet justice”. He continued,

“You see how shit he played today? HAHA What a LOSER. Another victim of Flagmantle mate, it’s the train that can’t be stopped. I think me wife might leave me at this rate but I don’t care, Flagmantle is my new wife”

You certainly can’t doubt the passion or the qualiaty of that ink.

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