Novak Reveals He Actually Had Entire Leg Amputated 5 mins Before Aus Open Final

It has been revealed that Novak Djokovic has been severely downplaying his injury this whole time. Rumours began to circulate at the start of the tournament that he had a sore hamstring. Then the AO boss revealed the Serb had a 3cm tear in his hammy. Now the truth has come out. 

Speaking to a press pack in Belgrade Serbia, Novak has admitted the full extent of his injury and to say he’s heroic for playing on is an understatement. A source at the press conference told The Times,

“Novak admitted that he required a full leg amputation just 5 minutes before he went on centre court. They performed the surgery right there in the changerooms with no anaesthetic. A lot of athletes would withdraw with an injury like that but Novak went on to win in two sets”

Many are wondering how he possibly played with an entire leg missing. Especially given he showed few signs of diminished athleticism or flexibility. A source told The Times,

“Some players are just built differently to others. Novak is one of them. This is no different to the time he won his first grand slam after a full spinal snap. Now most people would be paralysed from an injury like that but not Novak”

Naturally, a loud chorus of haters is calling bullshit on the claims. However, the Serbian superstar is unfazed by noise. Telling The Times,

“Ah, you know, people’s opinions are like border control declarations. I pay no notice to them. I just win tennis. Now excuse me while I grow my leg back with this special concoction my doctor has made me”

Good luck Novak.

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