Byford’s Excitement Level Reaches All-Time High With Opening Of New Pothole

Byford is celebrating a major milestone this week with the opening of a new pothole on Abernethy Rd. The excitement in the air is truly palpable, with residents flocking to see the latest addition to the suburb’s infrastructure.

The new pothole, which measures approximately 2 feet in diameter, has been deemed by many residents as the most exciting event to happen in Byford in years. Some have even compared it to the opening of the burb’s first traffic light or the two long haired lout’s punching on wearing only shorts the other week. 

We spoke to a resident who said it was always good to see some progress in Byford. Telling The Times,

“This new pothole is a symbol of progress and renewed hope for our younger generations. It shows that we’re moving forward and keeping up with the times. I reckon we could be the number one pothole suburb in Perf now and that’s nothing to crack your pippy over”

The pothole has been a hot topic of conversation among residents, with some even making plans to hold picnics and barbecues around it. Local businesses have also jumped on the excitement, with several offering discounts and special promotions for residents who take a picture with the pothole with their blown tyre in the frame.

The locals has been camping out around the marvel to ensure that the pothole is preserved and not filled in by pesky council workers trying to ruin all the fun. In fact, some residents have even started a petition to have the pothole officially declared a landmark.

It goes without saying the new pothole has brought the community of Byford together and has given them a new sense of pride in their burb. It has become a symbol of hope and progress, and residents are already looking forward to the next big thing. Perhaps a bigger pothole? 

If they dare to dream.

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