McGowan Promises $400 Moot Credit To Diesel Soot Community To Calm Anger Over Free EV Fuel In Budget

It has only just been handed down by WA’s 2023-24 budget but it is attracting fierce criticism from the diesel soot community over the $400 electricity credit. The 4WD owners are saying it’s unfair that EV owners get free fuel and their expenses continue to climb.

To get on the front foot, Premier McGowan has quickly crunched the numbers and was able to promise the hairy-footed fourby-goblins a decent credit on moot. Naturally, the only thing that fuels them. 

While the wording of the promise may confuse some, it’s actually quite easy. A $400 moot credit will be applied in either the provision of extra diesel or some modifications to the exhaust system to make it even less efficient. We spoke to a proud Patrol owner who told The Times,

“When I first heard the budget I was going to go and put a brick through a Tesla. Smug fucks getting $400 worth of free juice and I keep getting bent over the barrel at the pump. Then I heard the follow up press conference and thought, yewwwww bewwwautttttty, I’m gonna be swimming in moot”

The sentiment was shared with a LandCruiser owner who hasn’t driven his rig since February due to the price of diesel. He told The Times,

“Let’s just say someone’s rolling something at Tims Thicket this weekend ha ha. Get it? Rolling coal but also rolling my cab cos I’m gonna be so fkn high on the moot that’s coming my way”

McGowan has urged the diesel soot community to try to stretch out the credit and not fill up on moot in the first soot-cycle. Adding,

“We are pleased to be offering relief but please indulge in moot sensibly. So there’s enough for your children”

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