A Day in the Life of a Social Influencer

7 am: I stand in front of my mirror and affirm to myself that posting thirst traps for simps is a real job, no matter what my parents say.

8 am: instead of eating breakfast like a normal person I livestream myself under the bullshit guise that people are always asking about my muesli routine, no one has ever asked.

9 am: I get into an argument with my mum, she claims that if I am going to eat all her expensive yoghurt I could at least pay some board, in my head, I am too famous for this negativity.

10 am: I call up my cameraman who for some reason thinks he’s my boyfriend, I tell him I have received a shipment of fast fashion and the world can’t wait to see how good I look in these shitty $5 crop tops.

11 am: despite wearing the hottest sweatshop wear of 2023, I write a caption about how blessed I am to use my imaginary fame to make a difference in the world.

12 pm: I lock myself in the bathroom and tell my cameraman he is dead to me after my post doesn’t immediately go viral.

1 pm: I drag my cameraman along to some beach locations to get some bikini content I know will pop, he claims this isn’t a nice way to spend our 3-year anniversary.

2 pm: to stop his whinging I offer him a discount on my exclusive Only Fans content, I tell him he can sort himself out in my parent’s toilet.

3 pm: his sobbing and stroking distract me from doing a video about my skincare routine so I send him a payment request for the full price of my content.

4 pm: after heavily filtering the video I tag the makeup company to make it look like I have a lucrative endorsement, my followers don’t need to know that I am just their customer.

5 pm: I notice a rival influencer has yielded far more engagements today so I fire up my burner account and tell people that she buys followers and earns money by going Dubai-style.

6 pm: the camera man takes me out to shoot dinner content, after letting the food go cold I tell him it’s time to present me with the ring.

7 pm: I make him redo his marriage proposal twice because the sound quality wasn’t up to scratch, I then notice that he bought the wrong ring.

8 pm: I scream at him that I wouldn’t even give a homeless person a two-carat diamond ring and he has ruined my life.

9 pm: while he drives me home I go live and cry to my followers that my heart has been broken, this is the engagement I was looking for.

10 pm: my post has beaten my rival’s video about visiting her grandma in the hospital, I am now giddy with joy and tell my cameraman he’s going to get the best dry hump of his life.

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