WA man devoting all energy to supporting Brissy and GWS just to enjoy the VFL tears

A WA man has suddenly been jerked out of apathy after realising a non-VFL Grand Final could be on the cards.

To do his bit, Karl is devoting every iota of his heart & soul into barracking for Brissy against Carlton and GWS against the Pies. He told The Times,

“I love footy and Grand Final day is always great but it’s even greater when the VFL ain’t involved in it. Look at the best GF’s on record – Eagles v Sydney for two years in a row. Bloody brilliant that”

On top of the usual VFL tears, he said he was particularly dreaming of an Eddie meltdown. Especially after his cringe-worthy display when Maynard got acquitted, he added,

“How good was it when he wasn’t allowed into WA to watch the GF here? That was the stuff mate, I reckon I survived off that schadenfreude for 6 months alone, he’s such a frog-faced-fuk”

To prepare for the event, Karl has stocked up on both non-VFL team’s face paints and is preparing to go hard at the pub next weekend. He has even bothered to learn 50% of the GWS squad.

You can’t deny that shows a bit of commitment!

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