Ageing hippie not sure if he’s looking at a rare rainbow cloud or having another flashback

An iridescent cloud that appeared over the farming community of Goomalling sent shockwaves through an ageing hippie who was in the general area looking for a good spot to throw a doof.

Credit: L Lefroy

The sight of the beautiful “rainbow cloud” caused Roger aka “Saturn’s Ring Whisperer” to spill his bong as the fear he was having another one of his trademark psychedelic flashbacks sunk in. He told The Times,

“When you burnt the psychedelic candle at both ends like I did you have to expect it. I did so much acid man. Not to mention shrooms, DMT, and really whatever else I could get my hands on, so when I saw that cloud I thought, oh boy, here we go again”

Upon spotting the beautiful phenomenon he immediately called his shaman – a sort of GP for people who don’t want to live very long, and explained his situation.

Luckily for Roger, he had just what the shaman prescribed – a microdose of ayahuasca and a hit of sage essential oil right to the nose. At that moment, Roger thought everything was going to be OK.

Alas, after the medicine he could still see the cloud. That’s when Roger thought something was up. He told The Times,

“I was getting ready for a total spiritual reset. That’s what I did the last time I thought I was having a flashback. It’s a turmeric and Carolina reaper enema. Let me tell you, it cures what ails ya”

It’s only when Roger checked in at the Goomalling Tavern to use their bathrooms to administer the procedure he realised that there was nothing wrong with his mind. He added,

“A bunch of locals asked me if I’d seen the pretty rainbow cloud. I was like, WHAT? You can see it too! Ha! I was running around the pub giving out my world famous free hugs. I celebrated by cracking out some shrooms I had left over from the winter season and dancing around like a free spirit, or moron, as some of the locals said”

Well done Roger, you’ve still got it.

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