The Backstreet Boys Confirm “DNA Tour” Really About Tracking Down All The Backstreet Babies They Created Over The Years

Backstreet’s back, alright! Back to try and foster relationships with the potential thousands of illegitimate children they have fathered over the years given their status as former super hunks of the pop scene. 

A spokesperson for the band confirmed that they called the tour “DNA” because that’s literally what they’ll be using in an attempt to find their kids. Adding,

“I suppose they have done a lot of soul searching and realise that their days of pop superstardom are well behind them so may as well try to nurture their paternal instincts. They have plenty of money and love to give”

We spoke to a fan who believes her son could contain one of the Backstreet Boy’s DNA after she met them in 2015 during a Perth show. She added,

“It was a wild night. I was a huge fan of them growing up and couldn’t resist the urge to have a little fun. Then 9 months later I had a little reminder of my night with the band. I hope it’s not AJs though”

Accordingly, the band will be handing out free DNA tests at the gates of RAC Arena for any fan who believes they could have birthed one of their sons. With Brian Littrell joking,

“It could be a pretty hectic father’s day for me this year but it’s the right thing to do. They are calling the Backstreet Boys the Genghis Khan of the modern world. I think that could be right”

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