Snoop Spotted At A Belmont Open House Buying A Dirty 30

Rap icon Snoop Dogg landed in Perth today and wasted no time pursuing his favourite pastime. Unfortunately, he was told that the weed in Perf is trash and he’d have to settle for a Belmont open house and buy a coupla dirty 30s.

Witnesses confirmed that the D O double G questioned the seller through the half cracked door on why the gunja smelled like fly spray and why he wasn’t getting the traditional stick. A source told The Times,

“He didn’t have his hopes up high let’s put it that way but these days a dirty 30 is like half a stick. He’s used to some of the finest green in the world but conceded that this is probably the best he could do”

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It’s alleged that the rapper had to stop at a local Smokemart at Belmont Forum to stock up on supplies. A witness described the rapper looking at the nugs with little red hairs in disgust.

Since this encoutnr, a who’s who of Perth’s dodgy stick selling eshay scene has tried to contact the rapper to get him to buy their dogshit buds.

Experts say the icon is likely to go the medicinal path. Good luck Snoop, you’ll need it.

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Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?