Flagmantle Fan Throws In The Towel After Unfavourable Result In Glorified Scratch Match

A hardcore Flagmantle fan has cracked the absolute shits after watching the unfavourable result in yesterday’s preseason simulation game against the Crows. Some within his circle say the feller might be overreacted a tad. 

His inner turmoil went from a slow simmer to a raging boil after watching the match which was largely designed to try out young players and build up some match fitness for the proper season. He told The Times,

“Absolutely no chance we’re winning the flag this year. I had half a mind to storm down to Cockburn and show them what real passion looks like. It was like watching the fkn WAFL! Aghhh”

The man went on to spend the remainder of his Friday evening giving a detailed critique of every player and how much he wanted to smash them in the face for ruining his dream. He told The Times,

“I’m going to go full Gaff on those little purplecunts if I catch them in the street. Why wasn’t this AFL premiership quality football? Are they even taking it seriously? Do you know how long I’ve suffered as a Dockers man?”

By all reports, the man is recovering from the 25 beers he was forced to consume to drown his sorrows. His wife suggested that he just relax a little and that preseason scratch matches aren’t the magic 8 ball he clearly thinks they are.

Passionate Freo fans are urged to chill out a touch.

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