Basil gets on “OnlyBaz” after seeing the crowd Anna Paul managed to bring to the CBD

Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas was apparently so impressed with the crowd influencer Anna Paul managed to draw into the Perth CBD that he vowed to get on OF too. 

Hordes of teens and fully grown hound dogs descended upon the city for their chance to meet the influencer today. Causing police to shut down the event and disperse the pulsating crowd. 

It’s the most action the CBD has seen in some time and Basil watched on with great interest as he had an epiphany – OnyBaz. 

Setting up an OF account and following in the footsteps of Anna Paul shows the Lord Mayor’s dedication to the Perth CBD.

A spokesperson for the Perth Council told The Times,

“We have no idea if OnlyBaz will bring in crowds to the CBD but at this point, we are pretty much out of other ideas. We keep asking In-N-Out to come back but they have stopped responding to our emails”

The Lord Mayor is tight-lipped about the type of content that will be shared on OnlyBaz but anyone familiar with the platform is no stranger to a solid catfishing so it would be best to manage expectations. 

This comes on the back of the successful Pinga Hunt that was organised by an anonymous group of entrepreneurs. READ MORE HERE.

We understand the City of Perth is dirty about the success mostly because they can’t claim publicly that it was their idea. 

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