New Bluey Ep To Tackle What To Do When The Kids At School Find Chilli’s OnlyFans

Australian cult cartoon Bluey continues to push boundaries and provide guidance on all manner of modern parenting problems. Needless to say, the show’s creators have been applauded for dealing with this common OF’s pickle. 

A source close to the show’s creators told The Times that the episode would revolve around the kids at Bluey’s schools discovering the curtains matches the drapes of the maternal firecracker. Adding,

“The story goes, a schoolmate’s older brother finds the account and accidentally leaves his phone out in the open. Bluey’s friend sees the screen and tells everyone at school that Chilli is a serious MILF”

While the topic may seem controversial, it’s considered to be one of the most significant emerging issues in the modern age. A spokesperson told The Times,

“The cost of living is getting more ridiculous by the day. Everyone is about side hustles now and not everyone is cut out for making cakes. Some people prefer to show off that cake if you know what I mean?”

Without giving too much away, Bluey is told by Chilli to not turn her nose up at the money-making hustle given her grades at school aren’t looking too flash as it is. 

The episode also deals with Bandit’s journey as a husband of an OF star. Initially reducing him to a shell of a man and ultimately leading him to the realisation that he’s tapping what everyone else is rubbing their red rocket on the carpet too. 

The episode is expected to air later this month and will no doubt get the ABC into more hot water with overzealous viewers. 

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